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Dietary Restrictions Monitored



Improve Shopping Experience For Individuals With Dietary Restrictions


With this app, users can:

Snap a picture from the barcode on the product packaging and learn if it suits their dietary or consumption restriction (food & non-food).


Save time shopping. No need to read every ingredient. No need to worry about unrecognizable ingredients. Use the default restrictions or create their own. 


Share your dietary & consumption restrictions with groups & friends.




Individual Project



5 participants

Project Duration

1 month - On going

Executive Summery


What is the problem? 

A lot of food & non-food products contain ingredients or additives that are unknown to us as consumers or are hard to recognize. It gets time-consuming to read every label.

What needs to be done?


Have a user-friendly app that makes this process effortless and more accurate.




Why is this tool important? 

People choose to stay away from certain products that are not in line with their chosen lifestyles or medical limitations. Staying committed to these choices aids in improving life quality.





Who is the primary target? 

1- Those with food allergies, food intolerance, or medical conditions.

2- Individuals with certain life choices who deal with dietary and consumption restrictions (eg. food products, medicinal supplements, and cosmetics).

3- Those responsible for shopping and cooking for people with dietary limitations/ restrictions on a daily basis (in households, foster homes, daycares, etc).

4- Those hosting and planning large gatherings occasionally or professionally. 



How can this work?

Scan the barcodes. 

The data that is inserted in the app will be aligned against the restriction categories created by the user. Users will then be told of those restricted ingredients present in the product. 





Personal Profile
1- Personal restrictions

Creating New Profiles

1- Friends and family member profiles

2- Events & gatherings

3- Share profiles

Scan & Decide

1- Barcode scanner

2- An encyclopedia of ingredients embedded in the app

User Personas


Scenario 1: Tanja

Tanja is 2 months pregnant and wants to be more cautious of her eating and consumption habits. She knows she needs to stay away from certain foods and certain chemicals in her cosmetic bag. In her condition she finds it exhausting to spend too much time shopping, however, she needs to be careful with what she gets. Starting with her salad dressing and not wanting egg in it and so on with avoiding Oxybenzone in her sunscreens; there are just a lot of items to avoid that she does not know about. This app can help her in choosing “pregnant” as her choice of restrictions and by easily scanning the item she will have the key components, that she doesn't necessarily know about and wishes to avoid, highlighted to her.


Scenario 2: Hend

Hend is a busy foster parent to 4 kids of different backgrounds. One of her foster kids is allergic to peanuts and one is of a religious background with dietary restrictions. In her effort of keeping the kids safe from allergic reactions and respecting their beliefs during their temporary stay with her she wants to be sure she buys the right products for them and the household. She can use this app to enter each kid’ dietary restriction and scan each item before she puts it in the shopping cart.


Scenario 3: Todd

Todd recently watched a show on Netflix and decided to become vegan. To him being vegan is not limited to eating habits and goes further to life choices and preventing the use of any kind of animal products in his list of purchases. He has been trying to be super cautious of the ingredients, however, there are a lot of ingredients unknown to him. This app can help him learn and avoid those products. 


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