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The Full Story About


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Goals & Passions

An orthodontic treatment planner by day


A UX/UI enthusiast by night


I developed an interest in user experience design while chasing my own passion projects, two of which are actively on the market. I have completed the UW -UX and Visual Interface Design- certificate program and am pursuing this interest professionally.

I drifted from the field of dental technology, where I made dental restorations and orthodonticly planned people’s smiles in hopes of improving their quality of life. 


I am constantly looking for ways to tinker with and improve the world around me and explore different fields through volunteering. Seeing an end result to my work and valuing closure has allowed me to satisfy my passion for problem-solving and building things.

Collaboration, for me, is the key to good design. I enjoy brainstorming and getting input from diverse perspectives to find useful solutions to problems. Whether it’s at work or with friends & family, I always enjoy improving overall experiences for myself and the people around me.



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