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Mushroom Identification Playing Cards



Allow mushroom lovers to playfully identify mushrooms in nature and learn fun facts about them.

With this product, the users can:

 Recognize the fungal species and their fruiting body by observing their surface, gills, stipe, and their bruise & blood.  

 Learn fun and interesting facts about each mushroom.

 Associate the level of edibility, poison, medicinal benefits, and psychoactive effects to the suites of the deck, ranked from strongest to weakest.



Individual Project

Manufacturing, pricing, marketing, sales

1 Local mycologist

1 Graphic designer

Mycology enthusiasts 

Project Duration

7 months Production

Currently Selling

Initial Personal Goals

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Learn Photoshop

Group 317.png

Learn Mushroom


Step 1


Collect Information


1- Research different species of mushroom

2- Fact check the information

3- Collect images 

4- Cross check images with different sources

Step 2


Design Iteration


Step 3


Decision to Manufacture


1- Search market for competitors and similar products

2- Search for mushroom enthusiast communities for feedback 

3- Find a local mycologist for fact-checking and feedback

4- Improve the design for a sales level of professionalism

5- Search and replace images for no copyright issues

6- Improve and iterate designs more

7- Connect with a professional graphic designer for feedback


Step 4


Manufacture & Sales


1- Search for printing companies, local and overseas

2- Compare prices and qualities, ordering samples

3- Finalize the box design based on the samples received 

4- Research requirements to sell on Amazon & create a barcode

5- Research about shipping and customs

6- Creating Amazon sellers account

7- Research pricing strategies

8- Research marketing strategies


Step 5


Final Product

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