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A habit-forming app to encourage green actions into long term sustainable habits


Introduce fresh ideas to establish sustainable habits in a gamified way. 

With this app, users can:

Track and monitor personal sustainable activities.

Share progress amongst friends to form green habits collectively.
Make a change in their lives and what is acceptable/available in their local culture, all while having fun.



Collaborative Work
Design Thinking: Team of 4

User Interface: Individual Work

16 participants
Qualitative semi-structured

Project Duration

6 months

Who is the user


Executive Summary


The Situation

People will make a sustainable choice when it is convenient and they have a vested personal interest


The Tension

There are social and fiscal barriers making sustainability difficult & unachievable on an individual level

The Opportunity

The Key to breaking barriers is simplifying sustainability & empowering the collective & providing infrastructure

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  Competitive Analysis  


Habit Forming tool

Questions to ask:

- Is it interesting?

- Is it relevant?

- Is it actionable?

- Does it point us in a direction to find a solution to our problem?


- Daily reminders 

- Info based tasks

- Share tasks with friends

- Intrinsic motivations (coin in a jar every time user completes a task)

- Parallel action (to compare  the impact of different actions)

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Concept Creation


Site Map

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User Flow

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UI Design 

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Top Two Habit Forming Competitors

- Clean 

- Colorful

- Motivational

- Trendy

- Trackable

- Simple

- Easy on the eye

Dark -

Professional -

Competitive Vibe -

Bold Colors -

Impactful -

Takes user on a journey -

Engaging Viduals -


Step By Step Progress


Final Result

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